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Our lines contribute to your growth

Innovation is the cornerstone of network modernisation...

Predictive maintenance, real-time incident management, latest generation signalling systems, SNCF Réseau is laying the foundations for tomorrow’ railway. Spotlight on innovations already introduced.

  • 3
    further trains per hour between Paris and Lyon line with ERTMS 2
  • €2.7 billion
    raised via Green Bond issues since 2016
  • 96
    SNCF Réseau Open Datasets
With predictive maintenance

Special trains such as SURVEILLE (IRIS 320) fitted with sensors, camera or other on-board measuring systems transmit real-time network and train status data.

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GMAO GMAO With CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System)

Network maintenance operations can be scheduled in advance through a combination of CMMS and connected objects. Incipient events and needs are predicted so that parts can be replaced before they have time to fail.

With the digital twin

A 3D model of the network based on BIM (Building Information Modelling) parts of the system work together and how the contributions of the different technical specialities interact.

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altametris-1060 altametris-1060 With drones (UAV)

Altametris and SNCF Réseau, or the tale of a start-up that grew up to become an SNCF Group subsidiary. Altamétris makes industrial use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, familiarly known as drones, to collect rail system data to provide input for network upkeep and enhancement.

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Codenamed ERTMS, CCR, GOC 2.0, GPRS or even “digital twin”, all these new tools are part of moves to enhance performance. Railway industry as a whole is at a turning point in its history with substantial investment in digital technologies in the pipeline.

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… and, for SNCF Réseau, a constant investment target and long-term commitment.

Innovation requires continual benchmarking and research. For SNCF Réseau, it represents a state of mind, as attested by its presence at Viva Tech in June 2018.

With the AIR programme

Innovation means requires benchmarking and research. At SNCF Réseau this means working hand in hand with partners, i.e. a whole ecosystem of start-ups and major groups. 

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Régulation des circulations Régulation des circulations With “Big Data, tapping into our intangible property!

For SNCF Réseau, Big Data holds a wealth of promise for network modernisation and performance, the prospect of new and, as yet, untapped possibilities: new services, better operating systems, superior railway performance. Developers can access nearly one hundred datasets via the SNCF Open Data website:  

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SNCF Réseau: masterminding rail network transformation



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