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SNCF Réseau National Stakeholders Committee

news Published on 08/10/2018 updated on 13/05/2022

On Thursday 26 June, SNCF Réseau launched its National Stakeholders Committee, a new forum for sharing ideas with outside stakeholders such as association chairpersons, company managers, local and national politicians, academics and economists.

The committee has been set up in a bid to strengthen links with all SNCF Réseau stakeholders, to develop and extend exchanges on major railway issues and individual expectations.

It will provide a platform for highlighting major SNCF Réseau policies and should act as a catalyst for suggestions and useful input for the governance bodies of a company in the process of major transformation.

The Committee’s first meeting was the opportunity for participants to voice their ideas and motivations, outline the key features of the new railway pact, discuss committee working methods and agree on issues to be addressed.

It identified a number of topics for future discussion touching upon issues such as local and regional development, network modernisation, station adaptation, environment and energy transition and the SNCF Réseau business model.

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