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Covid-19 : SNCF Network is working to ensure for the continuity of rail transport operations

news Published on 04/03/2020 updated on 03/22/2020

The infrastructure manager shall take action to ensure the continuity of the operation of the rail network.

Our priority is the safety of train movements and of our staff. Our role is to adapt our interventions on the network and transport plans with all the railway undertakings. Every day, SNCF Réseau and its customers respond to the urgency of the moment by seeking to maintain the quality of line operation where it is vital for the economy and health of our fellow citizens.

Our objectives?

To enable essential journeys, such as those of healthcare staff who have to go to hospital or the transport of goods needed to supply shops, or pharmaceutical products. In strict compliance with the rules on social distancing and safety, our employees, in the field, on worksites and in signal boxes, are adapting their working methods, supported by all those who, from a distance, from their homes, are making an essential contribution to maintaining a rail transport service in this period of crisis.

More time to apply for your train paths

SNCF RESEAU exchanges with its customers every day using a dedicated organization in the context of Covid-19. In this unprecedented situation, the receipt of train path orders for the 2021 annual timetable has been postponed from 14 April to 14 May 2020. To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact our sales Freight and Passengers teams.


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