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Our lines contribute to your growth


Nouvel’R, an accelerator for change

Nouvel’R is a corporate project that sets out SNCF Réseau’s strategic lines of thrust in preparation for tomorrow’s network and is geared towards boosting capacity via innovative operating systems that combine new working methods with digital technologies.

Keys to greater competitiveness: our employees

The skills and conscientiousness of the entire workforce, 24/7

Preuve ambition portrait Preuve ambition portrait mobile Keys to greater competitiveness: technology

The latest technologies that are changing our train operating methods

Opening of the passenger traffic market

The time is right for modernisation, with transparency and equal treatment the order of the day. Europe has decided to open the railway market to competition to improve through traffic flows. All operators, whether the legacy operator or new entrants, will enjoy the same network access. 

Resources in proportion to our ambitions

Innovation and accountability are crucial to performance

The system and all its components stand to benefit from network modernisation: infrastructure, rolling stock, train management, traffic control. Our ambitions impact on our entire organisation. And to achieve our goals, we have to put the necessary human and technical resources into place.



Human resources

Corporate reorganisation structured around key missions for easier communications and simpler procedures.

EXCOM members

Technological resources

Rail sector digitisation: innovative options for the taking.

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Socially responsible policies

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