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France's railway dream

In a world turned upside down by the pandemic and compelled to tackle the climate emergency, the people of France are calling for far-reaching change that will create more convenient mobility solutions bringing greater peace of mind. These aspirations form the basis of France’s new railway dream.

An inspirational railway dream, that will benefit our customers and their customers, support regional development and help safeguard the planet.

An accessible railway dream, the focus of the 53,000 staff of SNCF Réseau who are working towards it as part of the new railway agreement and through a strategic development plan that sets the direction for transforming the network by 2030.

Customer satisfaction as a shared aim

At a time when the market is opening up to competition, SNCF Réseau is strengthening its results-driven culture based on the standards of continuous improvement. Every decision and action the company takes starts with the customer.

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Driving performance through digital and innovation

SNCF Réseau ensures continuous improvement of operational and service quality by focusing its major industrial programmes on digitising tools and structures for streamlined, safer, more effective operation and maintenance.

Innovation is the cornerstone of network modernisation

An environmentally and regionally responsible approach to network regeneration

For the past few years, SNCF Réseau has been pursuing a major programme of rail infrastructure modernisation in consultation with regional authorities. A total of €2.8 billion is being invested in regenerating the network in 2021, in connection with social and environmental promises.

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Proud employees invested in transforming the network

The commitment and satisfaction of the teams of men and women who contribute to rail transport performance is a key factor in achieving collective, sustainable success for the business and a priority for SNCF Réseau.

Talent to build the network of the future

On course for 2030

The TOUS SNCF Ambition Réseau development plan launched in 2020 is a key milestone in the company’s trajectory. This is a high-impact project that has been developed around 4 strategic goals, combining long-term vision and new requirements:

  • Total customer focus
  • Demand for operational quality
  • Imperative of operational and workplace safety
  • Achieve break-even from 2024

To support and embody this vision, SNCF Réseau is investing and will continue to invest in 4 landmark areas in synergy with the Group: people, environment, regions and lastly, digital and innovation.

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