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SNCF Réseau: expertise valued worldwide

Published on 05/05/2021 updated on 05/05/2021

For several years, SNCF Réseau has supported many infrastructure managers and project owners in their projects, through international consulting and expertise services.

We offer a wide range of services such as:

  • Strategic planning: master planning, preliminary operation and timetable concept, …
  • Catenary licences, 
  • Consulting and transfer of know-how in the field of infrastructure’s operation & maintenance,
  • Technical expertise in specific fields such as safety and industrial performance,
  • Support for the implementation of new technologies.


Recent major experiences below:

Poland: Solidarity Transport Hub  

SNCF RESEAU and its subsidiary GARES & CONNEXIONS are assisting and supporting CPK, the public SPV owner of the « Solidarity Transport Hub », on this mega project in Poland. The project includes the creation of a new airport 40 km from Warsaw and a network of 1,800 km of new rail lines including high-speed lines. 

  • Our mission: Sharing our experience in strategic planning and HS design. This service is financed by the European Union.
  • The outcome: Around 40 workshops and site visits, hosted by SNCF RESEAU experts, related to HSL concepts, general process management, operation and timetable concept, socio-economic assessment, HSL financing, HSL design….  


Senegal: Dakar – AIBD Express 

SETER, the operating and maintenance company in charge of the operation and maintenance of the Regional Express Train line connecting Dakar to Blaise Diane international airport, requested the assistance of SNCF RESEAU to prepare the operation & maintenance of the rail infrastructure. 

  • Our mission: Definition of the maintenance and operation organization and of the business model for the first 10 years of operation including the drafting of regulatory texts, operational reports, operation and maintenance training
  • The outcome :
    • 1 business model for the first 10 years,
    • 1 General Rules of Operation,
    • 12 operation standards,
    • 45 maintenance standards,
    • 70 SETER employees trained in maintenance and operation.


Czech Republic: Správa Železnic's high-speed lines project

In the Czech Republic, the Infrastructure Manager Správa Železnic (SZ) has requested SNCF Reseau to assist it in the management of its high-speed lines project.

  • The program: the creation of 660 km of lines by 2040, with a commercial speed of 300km/h for international trains and 200km/h for the national traffic.
  • The mission: to assist SZ on strategic planning and project management and to provide specific expertises during the design & build phase as well as during the preparation of the maintenance & operation.
  • Conclusion: a contract was signed on October 20, 2021 between SNCF Network and Správa Železnic for a period of 8 years.



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