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1. Required authorisations

You will need to have:

  • a train operator’s licence
  • an insurance certificate
  • a safety certificate: to obtain this, you will need to contact the Railway Safety Authority (EPSF)

3. Signature of a capacity allocation contract

  • For the railway undertakings: a track access contract that has to be renewed each year
  • For authorised train path applicants: a train path allocation contract

Specific contracts exist for some types of service facility.

Becoming an SNCF Réseau client

Once you have fulfilled all these requirements, you are well on your way to becoming one of our clients! You are now entitled to personalised access to our dedicated on-line portal. Specifically designed for our clients and partners, this user-friendly portal offers you easy access to SNCF Réseau’s information systems, to data, documents, training, billing history and for lodging any eventual complaints.

Go to our Client portal

Network Statement

The National Rail Network Statement (NS) sets out all the practical, technical, administrative and price conditions regarding the use of the French rail network.

Consult our Network Statement (in french)


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