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Timelines and milestones

To provide you with the best possible service, we need to plan ahead and work with you on drawing up your timetables.
Our teams have been trained to handle all train path requests fairly and equitably, irrespective whether they come from railway passenger or freight train operators, transport organising authorities or industrial firms.
Mid-December Y-2: start of the train path application period

Mid-April Y-1

end of the train path
application period

July Y-1

SNCF Réseau response
to applications.
Negotiations and
adjustments with clients.

September Y-1

of the timetable
of services for year Y

Mid-December Y -1 to D-8

last minute applications and adaptations

What is a train path?

A “train path” consists of the infrastructure necessary to enable a given train to be worked from one point to another at a given time. It may be likened to the corridors used by aircraft to fly from one airport to another.

What is the annual service timetable?

The annual timetable is the list of all train and rolling stock movements scheduled over a 12-month period starting from midnight on the second Saturday in December.

Management of operations

During the train path allocation process, allowance has to be made for “line possession windows” in other words white periods in the timetable set aside for modernisation work. Our target is to contain their impact to give priority to revenue-earning traffic.


SNCF Réseau is committed to keeping its customers informed and notifying them about progress with network modernisation. Our target is to work together with you to find alternative solutions in the event of problems with train paths booked.

Train path charging

The charge raised for train paths depends on a number of statutory, industrial and economic criteria. The rules governing charging vary depending on whether train paths are for freight or passenger traffic.


Network Statement

Pour aller plus loin, consulter le chapitre 4 du DRR relatif à l’allocation de capacité

Consult our Network Statement

Subscribe to our quality contract system

For those interested, we offer the possibility of signing a contract to cover your train path allocations. This will have the advantage of enabling you to:

  • book capacities several years in advance
  • benefit from specific quality guarantees
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Helping you make the right choices

We can examine your needs with you in depth and advise you at all stages of your transport project.

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Checking your rolling stock compatibility

Before your rolling stock can be worked on our network, you will first need to check whether it is compatible with our railway infrastructure.

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