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The Network Operators Committee was set up by law for purposes of drawing up a Network Charter with the intention of involving clients and institutional partners in working towards the common goal of optimising national rail network use.

The Committee owes its existence to the Railway Reform Act of 4 August 2014, and application of Article L 2100-4 of the Transport Code. It is a permanent forum for consultations and coordination on operating issues among SNCF Réseau and its partners with the aim of fostering better relations between rail system players and ensuring the best possible use of the French and neighbouring national networks.

The Committee has a total of 30 members (infrastructure managers that are concession holders or public service outsourcers, freight and passenger train operators, transport organising authorities, combined transport operators and shippers).

The Committee is chaired by SNCF Réseau Chairman, Patrick Jeantet.

Its members have set up working parties to examine the issues of train movement priorities, forward planning of engineering works and capacities, service tracks and rolling stock compatibility


See the 2017 Annual Report here (only available in French)


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