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UPDATED ON 12/14/2022

Board of Directors

Representatives of the State, Directors chosen for their particular skills and competencies or staff representatives, discover who they are:   Members of the Board of Directors of SNCF Réseau   Elisabeth Ayrault Interim Chair of the Board of Directors   Fanny Arav Staff representative, UNSA   Elisab...

Preventing and mitigating railway noise

Silence! Trains on the move Noise is a major environmental issue since it affects public health. For people living near the railway, the sound of passing trains, even at a distance, can be a nightmare, especially in the middle of the night. Thousands of people are affected and traffic is growing all...
UPDATED ON 10/18/2022


Learn more about the SNCF Réseau management team The Executive Committee Matthieu Chabanel Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Alain Quinet Deputy CEO and Managing Director of Strategy & Corporate Affairs Olivier Bancel Deputy CEO and Managing Director of Projects, Maintenance & Industrial Performa...

Women on the network

At SNCF Réseau, women are still a minority, especially in the technical categories Like the majority of French industrial enterprises, SNCF Réseau still has far too few women in its ranks. At the end of 2017, they represented only 12.6% of the total workforce, as against 20% for the SNCF Group. 19.6...
UPDATED ON 09/30/2022

Digital Privacy Statement

Nous protégeons vos données personnelles Lorsque vous nous envoyez vos contributions lors des concertations    Les personnes sont informées que des données à caractère personnel sont collectées par SNCF Réseau via divers outils et modalités de concertation : formulaires ou modules de dépôt d’avis en...