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UPDATED ON 09/14/2022

Network Operators Committee (COOPERE)

Optimising rail network use: an objective shared by SNCF Réseau, its clients and partners. The Network Operators Committee was set up by law for purposes of drawing up a Network Charter with the intention of involving clients and institutional partners in working towards the common goal of optimisin...
UPDATED ON 06/08/2022

Our promises

In keeping with its long-term vision, SNCF Réseau takes its corporate human, environmental, national and regional development responsibilities very seriously in all its actions and projects. Its vision is that of a fair and equitable, future-oriented, sustainable rail system. Taking action now In li...
NEWS UPDATED ON 05/13/2022

SNCF Réseau National Stakeholders Committee

On Thursday 26 June, SNCF Réseau launched its National Stakeholders Committee, a new forum for sharing ideas with outside stakeholders such as association chairpersons, company managers, local and national politicians, academics and economists. The committee has been set up in a bid to strengthen li...

All on board for network development

Cultivating dialogue: a deliberate policy For SNCF Réseau, discussion and exchange are not a necessary evil but the chance to raise rail’s profile as a dynamic and accountable partner for the regions. Specific steps have been taken to facilitate this type of interchange, for example establishment of...

The digital twin

The "Digital twin" programme is one of the major campaigns launched in-house by the Engineering & Projects (I & P) and Innovation Divisions. The aim is to optimise project design, service portfolio content and production functions. A technological innovation with multiple applications to enter servi...