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UPDATED ON 03/23/2020

Obtaining train paths

Are you looking to work trains to specific destinations at specific dates and times? How, when, how much will it cost? Discover all the answers to these and other questions. Already a customer? Log into your personal account to place your train path orders and obtain access to all our services. Time...
UPDATED ON 03/13/2020

Network Operators Committee (COOPERE)

Optimising rail network use: an objective shared by SNCF Réseau, its clients and partners. The Network Operators Committee was set up by law for purposes of drawing up a Network Charter with the intention of involving clients and institutional partners in working towards the common goal of optimisin...
UPDATED ON 03/11/2020


« Innovating is creating value by injecting something new into what already exists » Jean-Jacques Thomas, Chief Innovation Officer, SNCF Réseau For tomorrow’s railway, innovation in all its forms (technology, finance, management) is a major performance driver. At SNCF Réseau, it is a truly ambitious...
UPDATED ON 03/11/2020

Website accessibility

Digital accessibility Digital accessibility is the ability of a website and its content to be easily navigated by all users, including those with disabilities who make use of dedicated software or hardware. The functionalities of accessible websites include: Browsers with synthesised speech or brail...
UPDATED ON 03/11/2020

Terms and conditions

Website editor The website is the property of SNCF Réseau, a public-sector industrial and commercial enterprise (EPIC) registered with the Bobigny Companies Registry under the numberB 412 280 737, code APE 5221Z, which has its head offices at 15/17 rue Jean-Philippe Rameau – CS 80001 ...