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UPDATED ON 05/27/2020


« Innovating is creating value by injecting something new into what already exists » Jean-Jacques Thomas, Chief Innovation Officer, SNCF Réseau For tomorrow’s railway, innovation in all its forms (technology, finance, management) is a major performance driver. At SNCF Réseau, it is a truly ambitious...

Green Bonds: SNCF Réseau pioneers responsible finance

Green Bonds Green Bonds are designated bonds issued on financial markets by a public body or enterprise to fund projects in favour of ecological transition. Funding sustainable modernisation SNCF Réseau’s Green Bond issues are designed to fund infrastructure renewal and modernisation projects in lin...
NEWS UPDATED ON 04/03/2020

Covid-19 : SNCF Network is working to ensure for the continuity of rail transport operations

The infrastructure manager shall take action to ensure the continuity of the operation of the rail network. Our priority is the safety of train movements and of our staff. Our role is to adapt our interventions on the network and transport plans with all the railway undertakings. Every day, SNCF Rés...
NEWS UPDATED ON 04/02/2020

With Shift2rail, SNCF Réseau is writing the future of the Railway in Europe

As a large funding European program with 450M€ over seven years (2015-2022), Shift2Rail imagines the future railway infrastructures. SNCF RESEAU participate to this program over dozens of research & development projects. At the end of the year 2019, SNCf RESEAU has launched a serie of three projects...
UPDATED ON 03/23/2020

Obtaining train paths

Are you looking to work trains to specific destinations at specific dates and times? How, when, how much will it cost? Discover all the answers to these and other questions. Already a customer? Log into your personal account to place your train path orders and obtain access to all our services. Time...