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UPDATED ON 08/03/2020


As a creator of connections, SNCF Réseau is a service provider whose function is to manage railway infrastructure in France. It caters to maintenance requirements and allocates network capacity among the many rail sector players, working in the general interest and in response to the energy transiti...

Financial report 2019

Financial report 2019 Financial report 2019

Preventing and mitigating railway noise

Silence! Trains on the move Noise is a major environmental issue since it affects public health. For people living near the railway, the sound of passing trains, even at a distance, can be a nightmare, especially in the middle of the night. Thousands of people are affected and traffic is growing all...
UPDATED ON 07/29/2020

Our promises

In keeping with its long-term vision, SNCF Réseau takes its corporate human, environmental, national and regional development responsibilities very seriously in all its actions and projects. Its vision is that of a fair and equitable, future-oriented, sustainable rail system. Taking action now In li...
UPDATED ON 07/08/2020


« Innovating is creating value by injecting something new into what already exists » Jean-Jacques Thomas, Chief Innovation Officer, SNCF Réseau For tomorrow’s railway, innovation in all its forms (technology, finance, management) is a major performance driver. At SNCF Réseau, it is a truly ambitious...