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Finance Finance At SNCF Réseau, financial strategies depend on strategic targets, key indicators, the statutory framework and legal publications, all of which are part of the public domain. Investors presentation (01-25-2019) Investing for a safer, more reliable, higher performance network Railway m...
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Obtaining train paths

Obtaining train paths All services Obtaining train paths Are you looking to work trains to specific destinations at specific dates and times? How, when, how much will it cost? Discover all the answers to these and other questions. Contact us on the front Already a customer? Log into your personal ac...
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Governance Team

Governance Team Governance Team Published on 11/26/2018 Patrick Jeantet Chairman & CEO Patrick Jeantet was appointed Chairman & CEO of SNCF Réseau and Deputy Chairman of the SNCF Board in May 2016. A graduate of the École Polytechnique and the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, he began his car...
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Services Services SNCF Réseau can offer you a complete range of services to partner you throughout the transport process, before, during and after actual shipment. Our lines can contribute to your growth! on the front New to the network? Discover the conditions for qualifying for network access. Thi...

Annual Report 2018 SNCF Réseau

Herobanner Annual Report 2018 SNCF Réseau Financial reports and credit analysis Published on 05/15/2019 updated on 05/15/2019 SNCF Réseau's Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2018 - SNCF Réseau Published on 05/15/2019, updated on 05/15/2019 Download (PDF - 2.5 mo)