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UPDATED ON 01/24/2022

Our promises

In keeping with its long-term vision, SNCF Réseau takes its corporate human, environmental, national and regional development responsibilities very seriously in all its actions and projects. Its vision is that of a fair and equitable, future-oriented, sustainable rail system. Taking action now In li...
UPDATED ON 01/24/2022


« Innovating is creating value by injecting something new into what already exists » Jean-Jacques Thomas, Chief Innovation Officer, SNCF Réseau For tomorrow’s railway, innovation in all its forms (technology, finance, management) is a major performance driver. At SNCF Réseau, it is a truly ambitious...
UPDATED ON 01/06/2022

Sales Contacts

All useful contact details may be found below. At national level, your sales contacts are the following: Key Account Manager (Passengers): Key Account Manager (Freight):   At regional level, your sales contacts are the following: Auvergne-...
UPDATED ON 12/17/2021

SNCF Réseau: expertise valued worldwide

For several years, SNCF Réseau has supported many infrastructure managers and project owners in their projects, through international consulting and expertise services. We offer a wide range of services such as: Strategic planning: master planning, preliminary operation and timetable concept, … Cate...
UPDATED ON 12/05/2021


Learn more about the SNCF Réseau management team The Executive Committee Luc Lallemand Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Matthieu Chabanel Deputy CEO and Managing Director of Projects, Maintenance & Industrial Performance Alain Quinet Deputy CEO and Managing Director of Strategy & Corporate Affai...