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Fostering social cohesion

Diversity, osmosis and regional accessibility As a leading mobility player, SNCF treats all its train, bus and tram passengers the same. Its Foundation is cast in the same mould and shares the Group's ethos of promoting diversity, osmosis and regional accessibility. "Social harmony is not a foregone...

Paris-Lyon: the pilot project for a high-performance high-speed line

More, better orchestrated trains offering higher standards of service HSL is France’s oldest and most heavily-trafficked high-speed line. At peak periods, traffic rapidly reaches saturation point. The slightest incident has an immediate knock-on regularity with thousands of passengers impacted by tr...

Women on the network

At SNCF Réseau, women are still a minority, especially in the technical categories Like the majority of French industrial enterprises, SNCF Réseau still has far too few women in its ranks. At the end of 2017, they represented only 12.6% of the total workforce, as against 20% for the SNCF Group. 19.6...
UPDATED ON 09/14/2023

National rail network statement

The National Rail Network Statement (NS) sets out all the practical, technical, adminitrative and price conditions regarding the use of the French rail network. Network Statement NS - Timetable 2024 NS - Timetable 2023 Maps mentioned in the NS For an even more extensive picture of our rail network S...
UPDATED ON 08/11/2023

Our promises

In keeping with its long-term vision, SNCF Réseau takes its corporate human, environmental, national and regional development responsibilities very seriously in all its actions and projects. Its vision is that of a fair and equitable, future-oriented, sustainable rail system. Taking action now In li...