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Predictive maintenance: innovating for better performance

Digital technologies equal new working practices Digital tools may not replace network operatives but they are changing the way they work. Devices such as embarked sensors, surveillance cameras, drones, 3D mock-ups and tablets basically provide information, data in other words, and this data has to ...

Women on the network

At SNCF Réseau, women are still a minority, especially in the technical categories Like the majority of French industrial enterprises, SNCF Réseau still has far too few women in its ranks. At the end of 2017, they represented only 12.6% of the total workforce, as against 20% for the SNCF Group. 19.6...
UPDATED ON 07/06/2021

2021, The European Year of Rail

In order to promote rail transport, the European Commission has declared 2021 the “European Year of Rail”. With its expertise recognised beyond borders, SNCF Réseau is fully involved in this process alongside other major players in the sector. Rail, a solution for the future Safe, environmentally fr...
UPDATED ON 07/02/2021

Our promises

In keeping with its long-term vision, SNCF Réseau takes its corporate human, environmental, national and regional development responsibilities very seriously in all its actions and projects. Its vision is that of a fair and equitable, future-oriented, sustainable rail system. Taking action now In li...
NEWS UPDATED ON 06/29/2021

Finding alternatives to creosote : SNCF Réseau is committed

The European Union wants to ban the use of creosote, a biocide used to treat the wood of railway sleepers. SNCF Réseau has taken the lead: the company is spearheading the European search for alternatives. Here is an update on the trials conducted with the support of the start-up Durwood. Authorisati...