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Lyon-Chambéry-Turin Line Project

The link project between Lyon, Chambéry and Turin provides for the creation of a line of 140 km. As a real alternative to road transport, this new route will make trade and travel easier for all those who use the train. This new line will be a major engine of growth for the local economy and will also be a gateway to Europe. It is scheduled to come into service by 2030.

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The Trans Alpine Lyon-Chambéry-Turin line project will link France to Italy through the Alps with the construction of 140 km of new lines between Lyon and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne. This new route will be connected to the future international tunnel under the Alps. It should come into service by 2030. This major undertaking will take place in two phases:

  • Phase 1: the project will begin with the Lyon-Chambéry segment. Work will centre around the construction of a mixed rail line of 78 km for both passenger and freight traffic between Lyon and Avressieux (the beginning of the Savoy region) via the tunnel of Dullin l’Epine.
  • Phase 2: works will involve the construction of the first part of the freight route between Avressieux and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne. This route will run through the tunnels of Chartreuse, Belledonne and Glandon and will provide for the transiting of a large height rail motorway service. About 53 km of the newly-created 62 km of lines will go through these tunnels. A viaduct will be built to cross the A41 motorway and Isère region.

This project has several aims. By enabling the extension of the high-speed network, this new line will make it possible to increase the frequency of TGV trains and to implement high-speed TER regional service. Faster travelling times will boost travel and trade through the Alps.

As for freight, this new line represents a concrete and long-term alternative to road transport. This new route will ensure a highly effective link for businesses needing to transport merchandise. In addition, a wider range of services will be available to these companies: rail motorway service, traditional freight transport or a combination. A new direct route will also be available between the Lyon area railway system and Italy.

For all those using train services, this project will also represent a gateway to Europe thanks to the creation of a major West-East and North-South high-speed network. From Lisbon to Kiev and Rome to England, train travel will be made easier.

Finally, this large-scale project will boost economic growth at both a local and regional level with the creation of direct and indirect jobs for subcontractors, businesses and tourism.

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