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CEVA Rail cross-border link

Against a backdrop of overloaded road transport, the CEVA Rail cross-border link will make rail travel between Switzerland and France easier. The rail works planned along the new 16 km long route will develop rail traffic, while also connecting the areas involved at a regional and European level. CEVA Rail is scheduled to come into service by 2019.

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The CEVA Rail cross-border project (Cornavin–Eaux-Vives–Annemasse) is the connection which will link Geneva-Cornavin to Annemasse in 2017. This new 16 km long route will mostly be built underground. This operation will require new and indispensable rail works on both sides of the border:

  • In Switzerland: the works will involve the construction of a 14 km long section and the creation of two lines of electrified double track. 5 new stations, including 4 underground ones (Lancy–Pont-Rouge, Carouge–Bachet, Champel–Hôpital, Geneva–Eaux-Vives and Chêne-Bourg) will be located along the route.
  • In France: the works planned in the Annemasse railway station will be centred on the reorganisation of the tracks and the construction of new platforms. The works will also involve the creation of a multimodal transportation hub to make connections between the different types of transport easier. In addition, the hub will have an underground passageway open to pedestrians and cyclists. This project also includes the modernisation of the Annemasse/La Roche-sur-Foron and Annemasse/Evian lines (automation of railway switches and signalling systems which are remotely controlled by the centralised control centre of Annemasse).
  • Finally, to ensure that trains can travel seamlessly on both the Swiss and French tracks, the signalling systems and electricity networks will be made compatible on both sides of the border.

This project has several aims. First and foremost, the CEVA Rail link will ease cross-border traffic while reducing road transport congestion. This will result in seamless service from one end to the other of the lines in question. For all travellers, this will mean a more extensive rail service offering at a local, interregional and European level (interconnections of lines with the domestic and international rail networks: Paris, Bern and Geneva Airport).

Passengers will save time on both sides of the border thanks to the optimisation of travel connections and an increase in the number of return trips and frequency of trains. They will also benefit from easier connections with other forms of public transport. From an economic point of view, the CEVA Rail link will improve access to employment and service catchment areas as well as tourist zones.



La liaison transfrontalière CEVA : le trait d’union entre la Haute-Savoie et Genève


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