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Nouvel’R: an accelerator for change

Published on 05/06/2019 updated on 04/05/2019

“At a time of growing mobility requirements, major environmental challenges and customer demand for better performance and quality of service, the staff of SNCF Réseau are proud to be the standard-bearers for the reorganisation and renewed impetus promised by the Nouvel'R project, a project driven by the acknowledged strength of their individual and collective skills.
Our target? To develop tomorrow’s high performance network and prepare for market opening to competition in the interests of our clients as a whole.” Patrick Jeantet, Deputy Chairman of the SNCF Executive Board, Chairman and CEO of SNCF Réseau

Preparing for tomorrow’s network

The Nouvel’R corporate project was launched on 12 July 2018 to set out SNCF Réseau’s strategic lines of thrust in preparation for tomorrow’s network with the target of boosting capacity through innovative operating systems that combine new working methods with digital technologies. One example is ERTMS, which is to be commissioned on the Paris-Lyon HSL to raise its capacity by 25% in 2025 to cater to between 2,000 and 3,000 extra passengers per day. The aim is to offer more train paths and greater robustness on congested routes and busy junctions or those with growth potential.

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Client relations to take centre stage

The opening of the domestic passenger market to competition for regional and intercity trains (TER and IC) will be possible from December 2019 and mandatory from 2023. For high-speed trains (TGV), the starting date is 2020.
In readiness for these deadlines, SNCF Réseau is working on developing new relationships with its clients, the Transport Organising Authorities and railway undertakings, irrespective of whether they already work trains on the network. It has put in place a series of new services in areas such as data availability, technical training and studies to make it easier for them to obtain network access and calculate price conditions.

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Kingpin of the rail system

On tomorrow’s network in France, SNCF Réseau will have a vital a pivotal role. Alongside the Transport Organising Authorities and railway undertakings, who will retain control over their transport plans and business relations, SNCF Réseau will be the only sector player with an overall vision and the technical and financial leverage to develop the French rail system.

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As the kingpin of the French rail system, SNCF Réseau has a key role to play in the SNCF Group and its target of providing “The freedom of effortless mobility and a greener planet”.
This target constitutes the reason for the Group’s existence and is both a promise and a challenge. It will colour all SNCF Réseau’s actions over the next 10 years:

  • generally enhancing quality of service, system reliability and operating robustness, in particular at major railway junctions
  • helping our present clients to boost their traffic and attracting new clients
  • improving the economic performance of the rail system, which is by definition environmentally-friendly, in a bid to win market shares from other transport modes.


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