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A new status and new ambitions

SNCF Group has undergone fundamental change to provide a better response to the growing demand for mobility and support the open passenger market. The railway reform that came into effect on 1 January 2020 altered the group’s legal and organisational structure to enhance its efficiency.


SNCF Réseau, one of 5 SNCF Group public limited companies

SNCF Group now comprises five public limited companies, all wholly owned by the French government. Of these, SNCF Réseau and its SNCF Gares & Connexions subsidiary are responsible for all track and station infrastructure. 





SNCF Réseau, a key player in railway development

SNCF Réseau is responsible for selling access to the French national rail network, for developing and modernising infrastructure and making it safer, and for maximising train traffic across the whole of France.

The company is active in a number of different, complementary areas:

  • access to the railway infrastructure of the national rail network, including capacity distribution and the pricing of this infrastructure
  • operational management of passenger and freight traffic
  • infrastructure regeneration and maintenance
  • development and optimisation of network performance 

SNCF Réseau also coordinates crisis management and determines the network’s accessibility policy for people with reduced mobility. Through its SNCF Gares & Connexions subsidiary, the company oversees the unified management of passenger stations.


An international reach

SNCF Réseau is bringing its vision and solutions to international developments. Working with infrastructure managers in neighbouring countries, the company is involved in streamlining international paths, coordinating investment programmes and in the shared operation of new cross-border services. It’s a sizeable challenge to develop a European offer that will help to expand rail transport right across the continent.


Equal access to the network

SNCF Réseau is uncompromising and transparent in its operations, in keeping with the principles of public service. The infrastructure manager guarantees equal access to the national rail network for all its customers, under the supervision of the French transport regulator (ART).


Four landmark areas

To support and embody its strategic vision, the company is investing in four landmark areas in synergy with SNCF Group:


  • People, with committed men and women who are provided with training throughout their careers, who are aware of the challenges facing the company and connected, and who make a full contribution to the success of SNCF Réseau.
  • The environment, with the company’s capacity for increasing the share of freight and developing combined transport and rail motorways.
  • Regions, with a network that can be adapted to everyday transport both in Greater Paris and beyond, projects promoting mobility that are continuing or getting under way, and renovation efforts supported by investments under the recovery plan.
  • Digital and innovation, with the roll-out of industrial programmes with an emphasis on digitisation and streamlining tools and organisational structures to increase efficiency, contribute to customer satisfaction and generate maintenance and operating cost savings.

Learn more about the TOUS SNCF Ambition Réseau strategic plan



The French rail network in 2020

  • 5
    million passengers daily
  • 28,000
    km of track across the whole of France
  • 10,000
    commercial trains operating daily on the network
  • 250,000
    tonnes of freight transported every day

The SNCF Réseau 2020 business model: reliable, sustainable and robust

SNCF Réseau and its Gares & Connexions subsidiary are putting their human, physical, virtual and financial resources to work to develop a comprehensive range of services for their customers. Tracks and railways are being maintained, modernised and made safer so that their operation helps to create shared values for all stakeholders.


Gouvernance to support performance

SNCF Réseau is governed by two bodies that ensure the business runs smoothly and define its strategy. In his capacity as Chief Executive Officer, Luc Lallemand is also non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. 


The Boards of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the management of the company and sets its strategic direction in line with SNCF Group strategy. Members of the Board of Directors are government representatives, Directors chosen for their particular skills or staff representatives.


The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee translates the strategic direction into operational decisions. The directors on the committee manage project roll-outs and monitor the outcomes of actions undertaken. 



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