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Railway operations: our programme for a “High performance network”

A smarter network offering more capacity

This ambitious modernisation plan is in line with the government's priority of improving infrastructure performance. The major industrial challenge that the company is pursuing is to improve the efficiency of the railway system.

Discover our video series in 4 episodes on the objectives of "tomorrow's railways network":


Transforming a dense system

The aim of this transformation programme is to face a constantly growing flow of traffic, as we have seen over the last 10 years:

+50% of TER (regional trafic)

+40% of Transilien (Paris region traffic)

+30% of TGV (high speed trafic)

This railway operations modernisation programme has 3 aims:

  • increasing the capacity of existing infrastructure to meet the growing traffic: modernising signaling installations, reducing distance between trains, increasing infrastructure capacity where necessary, etc.
  • better managing traffic flows: new-generation signal boxes with the “ARGOS innovation partnership”, smarter regulation, centralized traffic control system, modernisation of the electrical installations control, etc.
  • gradually centralising the control of the existing 1,500 signal boxes by merging them in a few "railway control towers" 

Our aim: have more trains running on the existing railway infrastructure, in order to increase the modal share.


SNCF Réseau is therefore implementing a series of projects to create a "high performance network”, a smarter infrastructure thanks to telecommunications and digitalisation.

Find out more about a major project for the transition to high-performance and high-speed: the High Speed Paris-Lyon line

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