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Our lines contribute to your growth

A reliable and safe network, an economic mainstay

A densely-meshed and highly robust network

The railway map of France has developed over the years with the network now providing nationwide links. The network is in a constant state of flux with regular upgrading and modernisation operations to consolidate and boost performance. Today 15,000 trains (7,000 of these in Paris and its suburbs) are worked each day carrying 5 million passengers and growing volumes of freight.

  • 5 million
    passengers per day in France, 70% in the Greater Paris (Île-de-France) Region
  • 30,000
    of lines over the whole of France
  • €5.2 billion
    invested in network modernisation in 2018
  • 40%
    increase in traffic over the last 10 years, for all lines taken together
New managerial structures

To achieve its performance targets, SNCF Réseau has completely reorganised its management structures. The divisions are now organised in relation to six strategic missions that can count on the support of four production functions, a new arrangement designed for greater decentralisation and accountability.

Board of Directors

Discover their profiles.

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Our business model



Our ecosystem

As a public sector enterprise, SNCF Réseau collaborates with a large number of public and private partners, both national and European. Some are directly involved in network management or operation, while others have an audit function. Learn more about SNCF Réseau’s clients, partners, railway undertakings, suppliers, referral authorities, etc. 



Safety and equal treatment, two vital challenges

Equal treatment

How can we be sure that SNCF Réseau gives all railway undertakings equal treatment?  

To guarantee that it affords equal treatment to all its customers, SNCF Réseau operates under the supervision of the French Rail and Road Regulatory Authority (ARAFER), which is in charge of verifying compliance with good practices and ensuring that the same rates apply to all.


How can we be sure that all trains will be able to run safely on the network?

Safety audits have to be confirmed by the acquisition of a safety certificate. These certificates are granted by the French Railway Safety Authority (EPSF), a branch of the Ministry of Transport, and are valid for a period of 5 years. 

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