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New site for SNCF Réseau clients

news Published on 01/02/2019 updated on 24/08/2021

Unveiled on 12 November, SNCF Réseau’s new-look website has been designed to highlight current corporate strategy focussed on the development of a high-performance network at the service of all its clients.

Client relations take centre stage

In readiness for the opening of the passenger market to competition in 2020, SNCF Réseau’s new corporate plan, codenamed Nouvel’R, is a play on words combining “R” for “Rail network” with “Nouvel” (new) to produce “New Era” in French. Time also for the website to undergo a facelift to give network clients their rightful place centre stage and offer them the attention, information and support they need via :

  • simpler access to train path reservations, new services and the requisite documents
  • innovative services and advice for present and future clients
  • growth partnerships

Bringing the regions closer together

As the kingpin of the rail system, SNCF Réseau is both instrumental in shaping regional development and attentive to its clients’ needs. With the new website, one click is all it takes to access a particular region and display the interactive map of strategic projects.


Points to remember :

  • “Nouvel’R” (New Era) is a change accelerator to win market share back to rail, the only truly low-carbon mass transit mode.

  • For SNCF Réseau, transparency, equal treatment and responsiveness are the cornerstones of client relations and these values are reflected in the new website.

  • SNCF Réseau has seized the opportunity not only to improve the site’s graphics and page layout but also to enhance its digital functionalities. The new site been certified compliant with French Web Accessibility Guidelines by an independent body. Its responsive web design offers maximum compatibility with tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.


Happy browsing!

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