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Board of Directors

Published on 11/27/2018 updated on 09/21/2021

Representatives of the State, Directors chosen for their particular skills and competencies or staff representatives, discover who they are:


Members of the Board of Directors of SNCF Réseau


Elisabeth Ayrault

Interim Chair of the Board of Directors


Fanny Arav

Staff representative, UNSA


Elisabeth Ayrault

Executive Board Chair, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône


Indiana Afer Bellini

Staff representative, UNSA


Emmanuel Boissière

State Holdings Agency (APE) – Deputy Director – Transport sector


Guillaume Hintzy

Global Head – Financing & Treasury, SNCF Group


Pierre Izard

Chief Technology Officer


Christine Mequignon

Staff representative, CGT


Laurent Pichard

Deputy Director, Budget Department


Valérie Pécresse

President of the Ile-de-France Regional Council


Marie Savinas

Deputy Director of Human Resources, SNCF Group


Guy Zima

Staff representative, CGT 


Advisory members:


Government Commissioner:

Sandrine Chinzi
Government Commissioner, SNCF Réseau



Economic and Financial Audit Task Force for Transport:

Philippe Dupuis
Head of Economic and Financial Audit Task Force for Transport


Secretaries of the Board:

Julien Diez
Secretary, Board of Directors

Isabelle Pelnard-Considère
Deputy Secretary, Board of Directors

Yves Decelle
Secretary, Social and Economic Committee

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